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Quiz chapter 10. Question 1 Which one of the following statements is true concerning an object executing simple harmonic motion? (a) The object’s velocity is never zero. (b) The object’s acceleration is never zero. (c) The object’s velocity and acceleration are simultaneously zero. (d) The object’s velocity is zero when its acceleration is a maximum. (e) The object’s maximum acceleration is equal to its maximum velocity. Question 2. Gina’s favorite exercise equipment at the gym consists of various springs. In one exercise, she pulls a handle grip attached to the free end of a spring to 0.80 m from its unstrained position. The other end of the spring (spring constant = 45 N/m) is held in place by the equipment frame. What is the magnitude of the force that Gina is applying to the handle grip? (a) 29 N (c) 42 N (e) 66 N (b) 36 N (d) 54 N Question 3. What are the SI units of the shear modulus? (a)
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