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history 2055 final study guide - History 2055 final exam...

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History 2055 final exam study guide Friday, May 12 th from 12:30-2:30! Bring a blue book Jefferson (1801-1809) Madison (1809-1817) Monroe (1817-1825) Adams (1825-1829) Jackson (1829-1837) Van Buren (1837-1841) Harrison (1841) Tyler (1841-1845) Polk (1845-1849) Taylor (1849-1850) Fillmore (1850-1853) Pierce (1853-1857) Buchanan (1857-1861) Lincoln (1861-1865) Potential Identifications: The Age of Jefferson Louisiana Purchase - $15 million for 828,000 square miles! Jefferson sent Livingston to make a deal in France to buy New Orleans after France secretly bought all of LA territory from Spain in 1802; France instead sold all of LA territory (from Gulf of Mexico to Canada) to USA in late 1803. French needed cash because of the impending war with England and their failure to prevent Haitian independence. War of 1812- (1812-1815). Started because England and France harassed USA’s ships. War Hawks (Republicans) = lead by Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun; eager to avenge the insults from Europe; mostly from the South and West. June 1812 = Congress declared war on Great Britain. Indians combined with British and held Canada from USA. Creek Indians in Mississippi fought American militia troops for 10 months (1813- 1814) with guns provided by Spanish Florida. General Andrew Jackson defeated the Creeks and earned thousands of miles of their land for USA. August 24, 1814 = Britain burned Washington, D.C. (Whitehouse, Capitol, arsenal, government buildings, etc.). January 1815 = British were defeated in New Orleans by Andrew Jackson most glorious and decisive victory for USA…. Ironically, negotiators in Europe had signed a peace agreement two weeks earlier! December 1814 = Treaty of Ghent USA gave up any claim to Canada and British agreed to stop helping Indians. No one really won the war, but the Indians clearly lost (Tecumseh was killed, Creeks lost their land, and British protectors were gone forever). Monroe to Jackson Missouri Compromise – Missouri applied for statehood in Feb. 1819 issue because it would throw off the balance of slave/free states and even though it was on the same latitude as Illinois, it’s population was already 1/6 th slave. Maine applied for statehood in 1820 and would be able to balance out Missouri’s slave status. The southern boundary of Missouri (latitude 36”30’) would become the permanent line dividing slave from free states and then added Maine and Missouri to the Union in 1821. Andrew Jackson - the ultimate self-made man. Became popular in 1815 after win at Battle of New Orleans (one of the only good things that came out of the War of 1812, so people thought he was a hero). President from 1829-1837. Advances in transportation
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and economic productivity made thousands of people move west or to cities, and urban growth and technological change promoted a distinctive and vibrant public culture Jackson became a huge celebrity. Jacksonians believed that ending government-granted
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history 2055 final study guide - History 2055 final exam...

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