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Midterm Exam October 13 - 17 (In Testing Center) Final Exam December 8 -12 (In Testing Center) Louisiana State University Landscape Architecture 1201 1. In the world of Islam the design of gardens was based: a. entirely on artistic and technological considerations b. the principles of "Paradise" c. the laws of geometry and mathematics d. Horticultural principles e. none of the above 2. The "park-like" landscapes of today are most like: a. Italian gardens; 1500's b. Japanese gardens c. French gardens; 1600's d. English landscape gardens of the 1700's e. none of the above 3. Dr. Reich’s work at the sanitarium in the mountains of New York: a. involved beautification efforts primarily to improve views from the patients’ windows b. opened up mountain views which admitted breezes, blew away mosquitos and encouraged patients to move out into the landscape
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Test_Schedule_and_Sample_Questions_2_ - Midterm Exam...

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