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( Test Question Discuss the design and construction of _______. Then discuss how this building type fits into the overall architectural evolution of the western Christian church through the 17 th century. Know the dates and eras of: Egyptian temple AMON Greek temple Roman temple PANTHION ROME 125 BC Early Christian church ST APOLARY Mid-evil Christian church Romanesque ANGOLA MAIN 1050 ST MARKS 1090 IN VENICE or gothic SALSBERRY 1225 AMEON (SP?) Renasaiance latter part of 16th century in Italy and 17th century in England ST GEORGIO 1560 1565 REDITORY (CHURCH OF REEDEEMER) PALADIO …ST PETERS…ST PAULS? 6 common mistakes to avoid 1. Don’t answer the wrong era
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Gave a good answer but did not tie it into the era? 3. Presented a good overall discuss of the entire revolution but didnt give details of the specific place 4. Generic answer (confused) outline thinking before you startBe clear! 5. Dont use a smoke screen answerget in detail. .prove that you really know what youre writing!! 6. Dont just throw this test away IDENTIFY ERA. .AND GIVE 1 OR 2 EXAMPLESAND TALK ABOUT THOSE EXAMPLES THATS GRRREEEAATTTGIVE SOME DETAIL OF EXAMPLESEVEN DRAWINGS DISCUSS OTHER ERAS AND COMPAREHOW ARE THEY THE SAME? LOOK AT BOOK FOR EXAMPLES FROM ERAS!!!!...
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