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Test 3 Study Guide - Test 3 Study Guide About 75 Questions...

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Test 3 Study Guide About 75 Questions, MC Possible Questions with Answers The work of john wood the elder and john wood the younger was in bath and influenced. .? Nash- prince region street One of la carbuzia's significant buildings was. ..? none of the above some architects in the 1990's began to reconsider the modernist approach to design without coping the style. One of the better of these new modernist firms in Europe is. ...? cruiz and orteese true or false, during the last 25 years, highly visable architects are much more willing to use historical stuff in their work? True One of the most historically significant architects of the Renaissance era is. .? Pallido The Gamble House by Green and Green is a good example of the American. ..? Crafts Movement The institue of the Arab world of paris by John Nouvelle. ..? interesting sun screen US architecture of both the 19 th and 20 th century is often classified as. ..? classic revivalist Urban Design in England Good architecture doesn't necessarily create a good place (surroundings) o Foreground buildings—they stick out  o Background buildings- you do not really notice o Christopher Wren St. Paul's Cathedral in London- looks like U.S. Capital Building, very historical 18th century--Salisbury Plane o Henry Hore  bought land near Bath near Stour River Estate named Stour Estate Looks natural but completely manmade (entire grounds including lakes) Roman bridge Pantheon-like structure o Bath 3 men tried to resurrect the town John Woods : bring people back downtown, bring life into it all Queen's Square Series of apartments that would bring people into the  heart of Bath Renaissance form King's Circus  (John Woods younger and elder)
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Renaissance form 3 story condos Built as 3 big blocks The Royal Crescent ( John Woods younger ) Classic Greek forms Separated into apartment blocks nothing too special about it but the space is important,  as with the other buildings All Three had big yards Video: London and  John Nash o City of buildings o Great avenue built with rows of trees on both sides o Private, quiet gardens available to residents o Geometric city of disunity o City was booming at the beginning of the 19th century Economy was very strong Life style was changing rapidly o John Nash built houses and cottages in countryside after facing bankruptcy, and they were  all single family residences classical design for the fronts of them Designed a 'simple' summer house for Prince Regent  very flamboyant, ridiculed for its lavish design, looked Arabic Competed with two government architects to design layout for new land 2 architects preserved the geometric filling of space with square 
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Test 3 Study Guide - Test 3 Study Guide About 75 Questions...

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