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Jen Winston Buddhist Lit Discussion Question Week 12 November 17, 2008 How would you describe the role of teachers in Dōgen’s Zen? How does he describe them in the “Raizai Tokuzui” chapter? Teachers play a very strong role through How to Raise an Ox . It seems that every notion of Zen is accredited to the person who established it. The chapter “Paying Homage” explains the necessity of finding a good teacher. It demonstrates that it is not about physical attributes or characteristics, but about nothing but the thought. It seems that pop culture has picked up on this idea of stressing the importance of teachers, examples being in films like KILL BILL. Training is seen as beautiful in Western adaptions, and this is probably because it was so strongly stressed in works such as How to Raise an Ox and in Buddhist tradition. Teachers say things that push students when they are getting down, they motivate, and they are the reason the tradition can live on. In the chapter “Paying Homage,” it is said that once someone meets a “true teacher,” he
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Unformatted text preview: should jump right into studying intensely “without wasting a second” (97). This demonstrates the importance of a teacher who the follower can connect with, and emphasizes the ripple effect these teachers have on the lives and enlightenment of their students. The book stresses that there is no difference between male and female teachers, and once truth is realized, no reality of gender exists. This goes along with what my preconceived notions of Buddhism were before I took this class: Buddhism provides a rhyme and reason for equality, and it is spread through the teachings of the wise to those followers who then become the wise. Zen Buddhism’s emphasis on teachers shows that it recognizes the tradition of the religion and the dharma while getting rid of the ridiculous Mahayana requirements. In my opinion, when Zen Buddhism was established, they finally got it right....
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