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Kennedy Jake Kennedy Nichele McClendon JOUR 190 4 December 2008 Final Essay Assignment: Anderson Cooper The influential journalist and publisher Henry Luce once stated, “I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world” (Luce). If such understanding is the primary duty of the journalist, then it is my belief that no reporter has done this better than Anderson Cooper. Throughout his prolific career as a journalist, Cooper has traveled the globe to concentrate on our society’s most pressing issues. In doing so, he ensures that proper attention is paid to issues that matter most, and continues to delve deeper into this “heart of the world” in order to both educate and empathize with citizens of the world. Whether focusing on affairs in Sarajevo, Somalia, or anywhere in between, Anderson Cooper is part of an endangered species of journalists perceptive, sharp, and daring enough to brave the edges of civilization for the sake of journalism. Anderson Cooper was born in 1967 as the younger of two sons to famed railroad heiress Gloria Vanderbilt and writer Wyatt Emory Cooper. Raised in New York City, Cooper spent much of his time in the public eye by making numerous appearances on talk shows with his mother and modeling for Ford Models during his adolescence. In his youth, Anderson was also forced to cope with tragedy when his father died during a fatal 1
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Kennedy heart surgery attempt. Anderson was later confronted with further heartbreak when his older brother Carter committed suicide by jumping from the Cooper family’s 14 th floor penthouse balcony onto the New York City sidewalks below. After embarking upon a survival trip to southern Africa at the age of seventeen, Cooper returned to the United States to further his education at Yale University where he studied International Relations and Political Science. Following a brief stint as a CIA intern, Anderson boldly forged a fake press pass and created homemade news segments focused on various issues in areas such as Somalia, Bosnia, Burma, and Rwanda. Anderson’s tendency to concentrate his efforts in these violent, war-torn regions of the world was a form of catharsis for coping with his brother’s brutal death. This grave misfortune solemnly haunts Anderson throughout his life and career, and had a tremendous impact on his career selection and areas of journalistic focus. Cooper would later rationalize this fascination with warfare by affirming that “I was hurting and needed to go someplace where the pain outside matched the pain I was feeling inside” (Van Meter). In 1995, Anderson Cooper was finally signed by the ABC News team and took on
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Anderson Cooper Essay! - Kennedy 1 Jake Kennedy Nichele...

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