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1. In his lecture on Thursday, Dean Soni explained how Buddhism offered a critique of the hierarchical social system known to us today as the caste system (varna system). How did early Buddhist teachings re-envision the traditional Indian social order? Was the Buddhist understanding of the cosmos free of hierarchy altogether? Or did the Buddhists introduce another form of hierarchy? Explain. Moksha have to be man. Budhism can be anyone hindhu reborn until you are a Brahman then you can reach moksha
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Unformatted text preview: Buddhism any human being with the right mindfulness can reach nirvana No seperation between human beings all equal. On ly that for some may be more convenient in their life time to achieve nirvana such as if they were born wealthy and wit the ability to live a life of a monk without burdens such as earning for a family. Therehere is hierarchy but it is in different realms not within the human realm such as being reborn as an animal to a God....
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