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Humanities 04.23.08 - Humanities 04.23.08 4B: Figura:...

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Humanities 04.23.08 4B: Figura: Understanding the Present Through Symbols 1. 1 Cor 15 ~ 1th man and 2 nd man 2. Old Covenant and New Covenant The way that Paul talk about Jesus based upon readings of Jesus Theology - theo (Greek root for God) - logy (a branch of study) One of the way Paul develops his theology is through a symbol system o Look at Jesus and compare him to people in the Figura - a kind of symbol o It is a figura of . . . o Adam is a figura of/for Christ o It is a particular kind of reading that is common in Christian readings o It is a symbol that exist in a different period of time that comes back to the past and present o Compared with one another; cross reference that enrich each other o Look at your past predictions and events/people that related to your recent history You can enrich your idea to this kind of comparison Example: Cane and Able Able made a good sacrifice to God Cane made a bad sacrifice to God Able is a figura for Jesus because Jesus is a righteous one who is sacrifice to the God and is hate by his brothers. o In Christian theology one of the reason works because predetermine unity in the mind of God o It make sense that certain images and symbols are repeated because it is God’s ideas and theory 1 Cor: 15 o Paul talks about Jesus as the second man and Adam as the first man o 45-49 o Suggesting that Jesus and Adam each are a kind of pattern 1. Jesus is just like Adam is fully a human being 2. Adam provides a patter for humanity and everyone born after Adam have similar qualities, desires, and hopes. The person has faith in Jesus gets to participate in a human nature
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A symbol for how humanity exists Jesus provide a spiritual individual o Adam brought death
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Humanities 04.23.08 - Humanities 04.23.08 4B: Figura:...

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