Humanities 05.30.08

Humanities 05.30.08 - Humanities 05.30.08 9C Heloise the...

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Humanities 05.30.08 9C: Heloise the Radical I. Her intellectual uniqueness II. Her social critique III. Her religious dissent - Abelard is someone who has a very high intellectual gift - Heloise writes in Latin. She makes references to great authors in her writing. - One of the key to understand Heloise is the ethnic of intention o They are famous for their interest in intention o The intention with which you do something (the meaning behind the action) is as important or more important than the behavior itself o The world around them considers their actions as a sin. Their intentions were pure and beneficial toward others; therefore, it is not considered a sin. - She is so exceptional. She is so far from what a standard woman is. - The history of the scholarly writing on Heloise o In the middle 1980, a scholar published a long articles arguing that Heloise never existed. - Literacy in Latin. 95% of people who are literalists are men - Hildegard of Bingen - wrote music - Some writings that are put down by males are taken from women’s dictation - Texts that we have are by/for/about religious men - Heloise is uncompromising about her philosophical ideal o People are often drawn to higher ideal than they are able to embody in their own life o She does compromise her principle gets married to Abelard o 9 years after their separation, he writes about his acclamatory
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Humanities 05.30.08 - Humanities 05.30.08 9C Heloise the...

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