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III. A.1.)(a.)(1.)-“Parliament” represents the medieval constitutionalism III.A.1.)(a.) Barrington Moore (1.)STARRED…destruction of the estates i) 3.)(a.) It was war and not domestic pressures that led to the rise of autocratic states in Prussia and France ii) (b.)Countries faced with heavy protracted warfare that required substantial domestic resource mobilization suffered the destruction of medieval constitutionalism and the rise of a military-bureaucratic form of government. (a) Brandenburg-Prussia (b) France (to a lesser degree) (2) Where war was light, or where war needs could be met without mobilizing drastic proportions of national resources (through foreign resources,
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Unformatted text preview: alliances, geographic advantages, or commercial wealth), conflict with the constitution was much lighter (a) England , Sweden , Dutch Republic I. IV. Is the military the great evil in this story? II. C. But with the rise of Swedish Indelningsverk (an early representative assembly) and, somewhat later, the French, revolution, the “national ” army emerged. (1) US “GI Bill”-Providing college help for soldiers coming out of war-taken advantage of by millions of young men creating the modern middle class-extremely successful d.) In providing treatment for invalid (disabled)veteran, warfare may have provided the foundations of the welfare state...
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