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Questions for BLAW - clause If you have an arbitration...

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Quiz 1 Answers: 1. List 2 different reasons why business students should take a course on the legal environment of business: regulation is everywhere; we are in a reguation society; business disciplice use law today; ethics issues 2. Name 3 of the four different schools of law or jurisprudential thought: a. Natural school; 3. Name 4 different sources of American law: a. England; constititical judical law; legistlaure law; regulation; ordinances 4. List the name of 2 ethical rules or principles a. 5. Breifly descirble what is meant by the concept of judicial review. Chapter 3: Question 3 d. You can bring it because it has concurrent jurisdction and a diversity of citizenship e. It is an appeal court; you have to have a trial first f. There is no such thing. g. Yes. He has jurisdction over the parties because he lives there. Question 8 Summary judgement can not be award because there is no connection between the 2 women. The facts are in dispute. Question 11
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No. He knew when he signed the agreement that he knew about the
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Unformatted text preview: clause. If you have an arbitration clause, and it covers the dispute, then you must follow the federal law (Federal Arbitration Act). He would have to go to arbitration. CHAPTER 4 Question 4 The ordinance is not valid. The federal preemption clause is that the federal system tried to reserve this area for itself for the FAA, so that any state rule or local rules would be over ruled. Federal vs the city. Question 6 Yes because it affects the flow of traffic on the intererstate. If you are being biased then you Question 9 Road repairs; They said that even though it was due to safety, you can do it in a way that didn’t burden interstate commerce, so it was struct down. Question 8 Yes. His liberty was denied and denied the due procress rights. Question 10 No. It is a private utility company, she could place the rule against the state if she doesn’t like their rules that regulate them....
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Questions for BLAW - clause If you have an arbitration...

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