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MGMT3720- Test3 Notes

MGMT3720- Test3 Notes - Trait theory a leader is born...

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Trait theory- “a leader is born” Behavioral theory- leadership is learned; way UNT thinks Ideal postion on the managerial grid is 9.9. The next position that is best fitted is 9.1. 1.0 (country club man) You have to have a concern for people and a center for production. A contigency person thinks best when IT ALL DEPENDS **Fiedler Model- style is fixed (you are who you are); you can’t change you, change situation, replace you; can’t do a personality transplant, make the style effective If you are a task orrentation- highly favorable or high unfavorable situations. Low stress- can use intelligence high sctress- can barely function intelligence LMX- teacher’s pet theory. (Jennifer aniston character in office space (wasn’t the favorite because of her lack of “flare”)) House model- help clear path to their goal and figure out leadership style to help them Level 5 leaders- look out the window and the spread out the credit liberally; when the company fails and they take the blame for the
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