Test 1 Study Notes

Test 1 Study Notes - Administer a reward that people value...

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Wide urp- tombstone the movie (cognitive dissosence/emotional stability)- Chapter 1 Functions of management - kind of explains what managers do (cyclical way) - management skills (technical skills, you have to have good people skills and conceptual skills) - Luthans study- activity - contributing disciplines - dependent vs. independent variables - dependent variable- those that count Chapter 2 - abilities and intellectual abilities (cogitative) - things you can analysis from a resume - look for conclusions (at the end of the chapter) - social learning give them a reward -Schedules are important reinforcement schedules- variable ratio******** Pay cannot be a reinforce; too much time lapse ***Huck Finn rule- its hard to be good, its easy to be bad, and if the result is the same, why not be bad.
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Unformatted text preview: Administer a reward that people value Money marbles for chalk- don’t care what the game is, at the end I have more Yellow suckers- good rewards Ch 3 behavioral attitudes- attitudes translate into behaviors Congnitiat dissocent- it’s a good thing Job satificaition leads to positive things- dependent variables Ch 4 big 5- study Myers bigg- NOOOO Big 1- consisenceness Core evaluation- self-esteem & self-evaluation The end justify the means- high Nar- arrogance and neediness High self monitor Low self monitor- inflexible Managers Type H- hostile Value systems- rokeash Natural culture Know of the 5 where we are for the us Short-term orientation, low uncertainty avoidance; The us is more masculine, becoming more feminine as a culture; low saving rate;...
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Test 1 Study Notes - Administer a reward that people value...

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