Test 2 - because I wore red ← Chapter 6 ← Maslov top 2...

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29/09/2008 20:22:00 Chapter 5 Factors in Perception Little girl in red coat in schlinders list (red riding hood) Selective perception power of first impressions Halo effect good at one thing, good at all Contrast effect when the big interview, don’t do an interview after the big star Bounded reality we don’t make rational decisions 3 model of creativity: Creativity skills task motivation Overconfident = incompetence  people can manipulate us through anchoring Car accidents do kill people than stomach cancer = availability bias Failure to admit we are wrong Bumper stickers are right (random connections); the reason why they won is 
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Unformatted text preview: because I wore red ← Chapter 6 ← Maslov- top 2 tiers (need for esteem/self actualization) ← Theory x and theory y ← Herchberg- role of work (motivating people) ← MBO hooks up with expectation system because it defines what we want. ← Expectance theory- will someone go along with this ← Chapter 7 ← Flat pyramid ← Moduglar vs. core plus ← Intrensive rewards ← Chapter 8 ← Emotions vs mood ← Useful ones in terms of source: time of the week, week of the day, wheather, stress, age, gender ← Emotional labor ← Felt vs displayed emotions ← Affective event theory ← Emotional intelligent ←...
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Test 2 - because I wore red ← Chapter 6 ← Maslov top 2...

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