MKTG Fall 2008 Syllabus

MKTG Fall 2008 Syllabus - MKTG 4630.007/007 Retailing INET...

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MKTG 4630.007/007 Retailing INET Fall 2008 Hi, welcome to the Electronic Retailing course via Blackboard Learning System Vista 4.2. The policies stated in the syllabus are very important and I adhere to them closely. I hope you understand that you will be required to do as much work as you would in my on-campus live classes. You gain convenience but you must be self-disciplined to succeed. Some of you may have taken or are currently enrolled in one of my other on-line web courses or a Blackboard Learning System Vista 4.2 course from another instructor. Read each syllabi and the quiz/ exam schedule carefully. If you do not like the requirements or structure of my Blackboard Learning System Vista 4.2 course, including the testing procedures, please drop now and enroll in an on campus section of the course. For example, you can not skip a question and return to it later. (Note the amount of time you have available for the exam or quiz and watch the time in the pop up box that is available to you.) Reminder: Your first exam is a SYLLABUS QUIZ, which counts in your grade!!! The syllabus quiz includes the assignment/quiz schedule, which is on the Blackboard Learning System Vista 4.2 CONTENT PAGE and on my web site as a separate item. You must use your Eaglemail account to communicate with me (to activate your Eaglemail account go to . Your user name is your EUID and your password is your UNT ID). I get hundreds of email messages each day. IMPORTANT: I will not open your email coming from yahoo, AOL, hotmail, etc., even if it gets through the spam filters, since I will not know you are a student. IMPORTANT: If you have technical problems with Blackboard Learning System Vista 4.2 such as it being slow, you are being knocked off, can not get to your home page, etc. contact the Vista Student Help Desk: Email: [email protected] Phone: 940-565-2324 On Campus: ISB119 I can not do anything to solve Vista technical problems. If you are having problems during an exam, the help desk will give you a ticket number to document your problem. Then you may email me and I can reset an exam for you. IMPORTANT : I have a Sundown Rule: You have one week after grades are posted to inquire about missing the exam or other related problems. The purpose is to resolve any issue during the term and not wait until the last week of the term. Check your grades every week. 1
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IMPORTANT: There is extensive detail about academic dishonesty below. You should know that I monitor sites such as where students communicate with each other. Any sharing of exam material or solicitation or cooperation in taking an exam or similar activity will be considered academic dishonesty. Please don’t put yourself at risk by cheating. It isn’t worth the risk. If you spend your time studying you should do well in this class.
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MKTG Fall 2008 Syllabus - MKTG 4630.007/007 Retailing INET...

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