Assignment 2 - of 0.00208 %. At the 95% confidence level,...

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Quantitative Analysis Assignment #2 Due 09/22/04 Statistics and Calibrations 1) Repeated measurements of the zirconium concentration (Zr, 91.224 g/mol) from a soil sample gave values of 192.5, 189.4, 167.6, 185.45, and 189.2 ppm. What are the mean concentration, standard deviation, and 95% confidence interval of the Zr concentration? Use the Q-test to determine if the lowest value can be discarded. A second soil sample analyzed 6 replicate times for Zr content gave a mean of 0.0195 % and standard deviation
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Unformatted text preview: of 0.00208 %. At the 95% confidence level, does this soil sample differ in Zr concentration from the 1 st one? 2) In an experiment, a solution containing 8.9 mM naphthalene and 5.6 mM pyrene gave peak areas for naphthalene of 574 and for pyrene of 602 (arbitrary units). For analysis of the unknown, 5 mL of 0.025 M pyrene were added to 1 mL of unknown and diluted to 10 mL. The mixture gave peak areas of 365 and 872. What is the concentration of naphthalene in the unknown?...
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