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ECOSYSTEMS II I. Energy flows All organisms living in community All abiotic factors with which they interact Can range from: o Microcosm, such as aquarium o Large area such as forest of desert Nutrients cycle within an ecosystem Energy flows through ecosystem a. Primary production – amount of light energy converted to chemical energy by autotrophs (per unit time) i. Gross primary production (GPP) – total primary production ii. Net primary production (NPP) – gross primary production minus energy used by
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Unformatted text preview: produces for cellular respiration (maintenance); NPP = GPP - R iii. Standing crop total biomass of autotrophs iv. Different ecosystems differ in their NPP 1. Marine 2. Freshwater 3. Terrestrial b. Secondary production i. Production efficiency ii. Trophic efficiency II. Why is the world green? III. Nutrient cycles: water, C, N, P IV. Hubbard Brook...
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