8 - 9/8 19thCenturyEurope 18thCenturyPolitically...

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9/8 19 th Century Europe 18 th Century Politically nobility v. monarch o landed owners hereditary titles (duke, count, earl) o priviledge access to the leading positions of power bishops in church officers in army advisors to king o local government is run by nobility o ruled by a monarch but they struggle with the power British Monarchy o Most powerful o Has parliament to balance out o Only truly 180 nobles in Britain All others are simply part of the aristocracy o 3/4 house of commons are landed aristocracy o authority of the king is limited but still exists o noble title and land passes only to the oldest son the younger sons must make their own way in the world large amount of gentry (non title land owners) with the aristocracy is a huge upper level of the capitalist class and the landed class provides a tight ruling class looks out at interest of landed people as well as the trading o WHY DOES BRITAIN BECOME THE MOST POWERFUL ECONOMIC COUNTRY IN THE WORLD? No fight between the monarch and the aristocracy
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8 - 9/8 19thCenturyEurope 18thCenturyPolitically...

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