12 - 9/12 cont.intro18thCenturyEurope

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9/12 cont. intro 18 th Century Europe 16 th , 17 th , and 18 th Century Britain focused on keeping a naval power out of the low countries o keeping the Netherlands free and independent France and Spain out Natural borders didn’t exist until the revolution No German nationalism o All states kept indendence there is no sense of a greater nation or of a shared Trade wars o Sugar and Slaves are the huge o Between 1689 and 1789 there are 5 wars Each country ends up with a sugar island o British dominate the slave trade o Spices and Tea from the East Spice is Netherlands Tea and Indian trade is controlled Seven Years War (1756-1763) o British win a resounding victory o French out of India and North America o Britain is the world power They are not a European power Have no allies Resented by all of Europe Britain uses Europe’s problems for its own gain French lose out Britain gains at the expense of everyone Netherlands still independent
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12 - 9/12 cont.intro18thCenturyEurope

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