15 - 9/15 FrenchRevolution 1. Causescont. a....

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9/15 French Revolution 1. Causes cont. a. “Those in the middle” i. most not actively engaged in entrupeneurship ii. doctors, lawyers, civil servants iii. these are the people vying for the power in the outlying regions iv. those engaged in entreupenuers wanted a higher status 1. wanted promotion of capitalism 2. support overseas trade 3. elimnation of internal trade barriers a. single currency weights b. measures 4. sick of the idiotic costs v. stagnation in the upward mobility b. Peasants i. Tend to be a conservative class in the 19 th Century 1. but they have been forced to become revolutionary due to all of the inequality 2. tend to follow the leadership of the church ii. huge social discontent c. Growing loss of respect of the monarchy i. Lost wars ii. Let finances go iii. Perception of corruption and incompetence iv. Faction fighting in court v. Lack of driven policies vi. King and Queen are frivolous and extremes vii. IRONY 1. reforms pushed by the central court figures and monarchy
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15 - 9/15 FrenchRevolution 1. Causescont. a....

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