17 - FrenchRevolution 1. DecreeofAugust4th a....

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French Revolution 1. Decree of August 4 th a. End of privilege i. End of all feudalism ii. End of geographical differences 1. One nation 2. One people 2. Declarations of the Rights of Man and Citizen a. Fundamental principles of Liberalism 3. Spent two years coming up with a constitution a. Constitutional Monarchy b. Sovereignty lies in the people but is truly under property owners i. Voters must have property ii. Electors must have more property iii. Legislators must have more property c. Eliminates privilege by dividing into departments i. Eliminating tradition ii. Creating a structure on reason 4. Civil Constituion of the Clergy a. Bring the church under the control of the state b. Clergy is paid by the state c. Defined qualifications i. Standards to be a bishop d. The congregations would choose the priests i. Bishops would be elected ii. HERE IS WHERE THE PAPACY WAS TURNED AGAINST IT iii. Removed the papacy from the process e. Priests must swear an oath to the state i. When the pope says no this is where there is a split
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17 - FrenchRevolution 1. DecreeofAugust4th a....

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