01 - 10/01 Politics 1. France a....

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10/01 Politics 1. France a. Largest homogeneous nation state in Europe b. Contain France c. What France’s borders should be? i. 1814 rather generous ii. After Hundred Days they had much less d. France was still ingrained in the ideas of the revolution and their natural arrogance i. Still thought they were entitled to more ii. Still thought they were the best e. European Powers hemmed France in i. Unite Belgium and Netherlands ii. Make Prussia into a West German Power to border France iii. Piedmont Sardinia made stronger and backed by Austria iv. Metternich was afraid of liberalism in Italy 1. Austria stays in Italy to counter this 2. Poland a. Polish rebellions lead to a squashing of Polish nationalism 3. Goal of European Powers after 1815 a. Preserve Vienna unchanged b. Reactionary c. The powers set up the Congress system that would make changes with peace d. Theme here: Rise and Fall of the Concert of Europe 4. Big a. Autocratic Powers i. Prussia, Russia, Austria 1. Russia likes change only when they can use it, like Greece
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01 - 10/01 Politics 1. France a....

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