Sociology 3 - - Social Stratification - A ranking of people...

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Unformatted text preview: - Social Stratification - A ranking of people based on some set of social desirables- Has/ does/ will always be present in all societies o Communes o Horizontal differentiation = vertical differentiation I. Why Study Social Stratification 1. An important independent variable i. Social class, position (attitudes and behaviors) ii. Child rearing is based from social class a. According to Sewells (1971) study of 9,000 Wisconsins HS seniors, those from the upper class are: iii. four times more likely to complete college iv. Nine times more likely to receive some college or professional training, compared to the lowest socioeconomic class of seniors b. According to Wilfang and Scarbecz (1990), lower-class children are likely to have lower self-esteem than middle and upper-class children, but this relationship is not that strong 2. The Prestige Hierarchy of Occupations Mirrors Societys Value Structure- Prestige rankings of occupations 2003 i. Physician - 86 ii. Professor - 74 iii. High School Teacher - 66 iv. Pre-K Teacher - 55 v. Fire Fighter - 53 vi. Farmer - 40 vii. Truck Driver - 30 viii.Waiter/Waitress - 28 ix. Newspaper Vendor 19 3. Social Class Affects Longevity i. Average life expectancy for the upper-class is 7-10 years longer than people in lower/working class ii. Low Social Class more likely to have:- high infant mortality, infectious diseases, protein deficiencies, psychological disorders, substandard housing, exposure to homicides- 16% (40 million) of Americans dont have health insurance- Good example = Titanic class separation o 2200 passengers/1500 casualties Class Women Casualties Children Casualties First class 4/143 or .6% ; 3 of 4 volunteered to stay 1/29 or 3.4% Second Class 15/93 or 16.1%15/93 or 16....
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Sociology 3 - - Social Stratification - A ranking of people...

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