03 - 10/03 Tories:18121830 Whigs:18301841

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10/03 Tories: 1812-1830 Whigs: 1830-1841 Tories/Conservatives: 1841-1846: Sir Robert Peel Whigs/Liberals: 1846-1874 British Politics 1. Conservative Backlash a. Peterloo: St. Peter’s Field gathering of huge number of liberal protestors b. Repressive Acts i. After this Liverpool reforms his government ii. Begins a series of reforms c. Why do they reform? i. Middle class 1. dissenters- 2. Reforms a. Economics i. Tariff reforms ii. Get rid of the navigation acts iii. Currency reforms iv. Banking Act of 1844 1. Bank of England monopoly on printing currency b. Political Reforms i. Bringing middle class and dissenters into the political process 1. religion no longer takes you out of poltics ii. Reform act of 1832 1. reformed election to the house of commons a. gave representation to new cities b. eliminated worst rotten boroughs and pocket boroughs i. didn’t get rid of all of the small electorate boroughs c. uniform borough franchise i. give the vote to anyone that could claim to be middle class
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03 - 10/03 Tories:18121830 Whigs:18301841

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