24 - 10/24 Russia 1....

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10/24 Russia 1. Debate between Slavophiles and Westernisers a. Both very patriotic b. Both believe of superiority of their culture c. Western influence will corrupt the traditions d. Cannot exclude the European without getting rid of something that is an integral part of Russia e. Germany presents a new threat to Russia i. United Germany is right on Russia’s border 2. Crimean War (1854-1856) a. Fought over Ottoman Empire i. Whether or not it should be broken up b. British and French siege Subastapol c. Everyone thinks they lost i. British embarrassed by their efforts ii. Russians are humiliated by being able to be invaded by foreigners d. Alexander I takes over when father dies in 1855 e. Made the Russians realize that they needed modern army, modern economy, building railroads f. Made them realize that they needed to emancipate the serfs i. Economic reforms ii. Reforms to create a civil society 3. Emancipation of Serfs (1861) a.
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24 - 10/24 Russia 1....

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