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31 - 3 No problem with state interference a if the state...

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10/31 Politics 1. Liberalism a. Rights b. Representative government c. Rule of law i. Equality under the law d. Free Trade e. Government non-intervention (laissez-faire) f. Nationalism 2. Conservatism a. Burke i. Change must be rooted in the unique institutions of each country ii. We must use the institutions of our ancestors iii. Society and institutions as an organism iv. Can’t simply lop off parts without killing the entire society v. The masses did not have the right to rule over government 1. property was essential to the right to vote a. they have a stake in society vi. Paternalism 1. Aristocracy paternally take care of the society 2. Liberalism inputs class conflict
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Unformatted text preview: 3. No problem with state interference a. if the state needs to it does b. Change in Conservatism i. Disraeli (1868-1881) ii. Bismarck iii. Strong National Defense iv. Imperialism v. Try to marginalize sots vi. Not identified with the capitalism vii. Try to change the middle class over to conservatism 3. Marx and Som a. Som pre-1848 is a backwards looking som i. Want to restore the idealized past 1. reaction to industrialism and specialization b. Marx i. Accepts the industrial revolution ii. In fact it is FOR the industrial classes iii. Very attractive iv....
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