17 - 11/17 Germanycont. 1. Colonialism a.

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11/17 Germany cont. 1. Colonialism a. Primarily a vehicle to nationalist competition between states b. Not a viable economic entity c. Creates a tension with Britain and France 2. Navy a. Great power must have a Navy b. Admiral Tirpitz i. Creator of navy ii. Aimed at the British iii. Must threaten the British 1. wanted to be able to cripple the British 2. again antagonizing Britain c. didn’t create a concensus d. Germans couldn’t afford a naval race with the British 3. Foreign Policy a. Asserting German power across the world b. Kaiser is the greatest liability i. Does a bunch of dumbass stuff c. Turns the British against the Germans d. Moroccan Crises i. 1905-06 ii. 1911 iii. Trying to Break up the emerging friendship between the Germans and the French iv. Germans were offensive and crazy that this actually brought the French and British together e. Feared Encirclement i. Policies drive the British feelings ii. Self-fulfilling prophecies 4. Taxes a. To increase budget there needed to be tax reforms
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17 - 11/17 Germanycont. 1. Colonialism a.

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