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Philosophy 1305: Philosophy and Critical Thinking ESSAY: KNOWLEDGE Due in class on Thu. 10/ 2/08 Choose ONE of the following topics and write an essay on it: 1. Outline Descartes’ method of doubt and the foundation it lays for knowledge. Outline and critically discuss an objection to Descartes’ overall argument: I am thinking, therefore I exist. Check list; Does your essay: (1) Begin with a clear outline of Descartes’ method of doubt and the foundation it lays for knowledge? (2) Include a clear outline of an objection to Descartes’ argument? (Hospers) (3) Include a critical evaluation of the strength of the objection? (Your own) (4) Have a coherent structure and include a coherent conclusion on the basis of the foregoing discussion? 2. Outline Hume’s argument that causal reasoning, or inference , or induction is just our Custom and can’t be rationally justified (because all these arguments found on the supposition of the resemblance of the past to the future).
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