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REGULATION OF PROFESSIONS: LICENSING VS CERTIFICATION Objectives: Upon completion of the lecture and private study you should be able to: 1. Given written descriptions, distinguish among examples of each of the following forms of professional regulation: a. Certification b. Accreditation c. Licensing d. Registration (professional) e. Registration (legal) 2. Compare and contrast the regulatory forms in #1 based on the following features: a. Whether an individual or institution is regulated b. Whether it is voluntary or mandatory c. Degree of restriction d. Provided by and controlled by the public or private/professional sector e. Geographic scope of jurisdiction f. Advantages and disadvantages to the public, profession and government 3. Name private sector agencies regulating professionals and institutions in the medical laboratory industry. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages in class. You will find most of what you need to address the other objectives (and the chart below) at:
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MT_220_lic_vs_cert_06 - REGULATION OF PROFESSIONS:...

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