E-Book Questions - Questions 1.1 a) what are some of the...

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Questions 1.1 a) what are some of the industries in the healthcare sector? *Hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, long-term facilities, home health care, and integrated delivery system 1.1 b) what is meant by the term healthcare finance in the book? *Accounting and financial management principles and practices used in health services organizations to ensure the financial well being of the enterprise. 1.1 c) What are the two broad areas of health care finance? *Private insurers and public programs. 1.2a) briefly describe the following healthcare settings (1) Hospitals - differ in function, patient length of stay, size, and ownership. (Governmental vs. private and in the private sector; profit vs. non-profit.) (2) Ambulatory Care - also known as outpatient care, provides services to noninstitutionalized patients, includes medical practices, hospital outpatient departments, surgery centers, urgent care centers, diagnostic imaging centers, clinical labs. (3) Home Health Care - brings many of the same services provided by ambulatory care settings into the patient’s home. (4) Long-Term Health Care - entails health care services that cover a long period of time, including inpatient, outpatient, and home health care, often with a focus on mental health and home care. (5) Integrated Delivery System - the organization assumes full clinical, and in certain cases financial, responsibilities for the healthcare needs of the covered population. 2.1) briefly describe the following payment methodologies…
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E-Book Questions - Questions 1.1 a) what are some of the...

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