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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1-Inheritance-Gregory Mendel-Alleles : different forms of a gene (the ones you get from mom/dad) Ex: S = round s = wrinkled Capitalization indicated dominancy, S is dominant, s is recessive With 2 genes: you have possibilities ss = recessive homozygous (wrinkled) Punnet Square Ss SSSSs sSsss Phenotype: what you see (a gene being expressed) Genotype: the genes you have (whether expressed or not) Incomplete dominance : heterozygote form blends characters together (not really blending) Segregation: in gamete formation, the 2 genes of a parent separate in Meiosis 1 so that each daughter cell (gamete) receives Generations: parent (P) Phenotypes v. genotypes How to determine if homozygous dominant (EE) v. heterozygous (Ee) to do this, cross with recessive homozygous (ee)-if it is homozygous (dominant(EE)), all genotypes will be heterozygous (Ee)-if it is heterozygous(Ee), half of the genotypes will be recessive homozygous (ee) Independent assortment : 2 different traits on different non-homologous chromosomes will segregate without regard to each o...
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1Inheritance - Sheet1 Page 1-Inheritance-Gregory...

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