5Evidences for evolution

5Evidences for evolution - purposes(wings 8 Embryological...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Evidences for evolution 1.Genetic basis 2.Have seen it in action 3.Aging of Earth (radioactive decay: potassium argon) 4.Fossil Records -more primitive forms always in older rocks -never have mix of recent w/ ancient forms -correlated w/ biogeography 5. Biogeography -pangea (continents same, same animals) -seperation led to diversity 6. DNA similarities 7. Homology or comparative anatomy: same structure but adopted for different
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Unformatted text preview: purposes (wings) 8. Embryological development 9. Vestigial structures bones in whales) 10. Throwbacks: random shit showing up in offspring that comes from ancestors) 11. Parallel adaptations or convergent evolution-animals that adapt similarly- Notochord disappears (some animals keep it, humans donht)-structures from ancestors that animals still have that they donht use anymore (hip...
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