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ANTR 350 Spring 2008 Topic Distribution Exam #2 Notes: NS -You do NOT have to ID cranial nerves on a figure. -Know muscle compartments [which muscles are in the compt., which nerve(s), what are the actions] -Know muscle-action pairs (know the action(s) of each muscle) -Know muscle-innervation pairs (see p. 35 in coursepack) You do NOT need to be able ID individual carpal bones on a figure. You do NOT need to be able to ID individual forearm flexor & extensor muscles on a figure, or you do NOT have to ID specific hand muscles on a figure. You should be able to ID the brachioradialis m. You do NOT need to be able to ID the brachial plexus or peripheral nerves on a figure.
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Unformatted text preview: Topic Total Question # Multiple Choice Q (MC, Matching, T/ F) Figure Q (Identifying Structures on a Diagram) Intro to the Nervous System Definitions Functions of Nervous System Cells 8 8 5 3 Brain & Cranial Nerves Meninges Brain Anatomy Cranial Nerves 23 19 4 5 10 4 4 Spinal Cord & PNS Peripheral Nervous System Spinal Cord Anatomy Spinal nerves Spinal reflex 9 5 1 1 2 1 4 4 UL Bones/Joints Bones Joints Ligaments 17 11 5 4 2 6 6 UL Muscles/Nerves Muscles (includes actions) Muscle-nerve innervation pairs Brachial Plexus Peripheral Nerves 23 18 8 2 4 4 5 5 Total 80 61 19...
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