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Four Functions of Management

Four Functions of Management - Four Functions of Management...

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Four Functions of Management There are four functions of management which are planning, controlling, directing and organizing. In the case study, Hewlett Packard demonstrated the four functions of management as followed. The case study demonstrated planning where I believe is setting up the company and moving things around so that the company could run, in their eyes, more successful. Some examples are that HP emphasized their employees in a different style culture where they had to have teamwork and respect for each other. HP was trying to planning successfully when they felt it was time for a new leader which in deed they appointed Carleton S. Fiorina as the CEO of the company. Furthermore, I believe it also falls into organizing the company because HP was looking to advance and had to organize accordingly by getting rid of Lewis Platt. The company did succeed for a short period of time with Fiorina; however net profit dropped below the stock market expectations the following year. With this drop of funds, the company performed cut
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