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Final Exam DS 101, Fall 2006 Answer any two of the following three questions. Both of your essays should be no longer than 2 pages, typed, 12 point font, double spaced. Each page of both essays must include your name, net ID, and section number (use the header). All sources must be identified at the end of the essay under “References.” Turn in both essays to Linda Warner in Warren 134 no later than noon on Friday, December 8. Essays submitted after this time will be penalized. 1. In One Nation Underprivileged Mark Rank argues that poverty is a logical outcome of the social structure of US society. Evaluate this argument, and be sure to define poverty, and state the extent that poverty, in your opinion, is a caused by structural conditions, versus individual causation. Finally, describe two policy steps that could be taken to eliminate or reduce poverty. In your description, be sure to specify how these steps address your argument about structural versus individual causes of poverty? 2. Social stratification is defined as the system that society uses to distribute its scarce
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