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BioEE 2610 – Ecology and the Environment Fall, 2008 Prelim 2: Answer Key 1. (a) [20 pts] Grading Notes: 4pts for axes, 10 for curves, 6 for expected #s. (b) [10 pts] _ East Prairie ___ East has a higher immigration rate than West and the equilibrium number of species is reached at higher immigration and extinction rates. Thus, during the 30 year interval, we would expect more species to have gone extinct (and more new species to have arrived) at East Prairee compared to West Prairie. Grading Notes: 4pts for the correct preserve, 6 pts for why, 2 pts partial credit if they got the wrong answer, but for the right reasons. (c) [10 pts] Grading Notes: 2pts for axes, 4 curves, 4 expected #s. Part (a) Part (c) Ŝ W Ŝ E Ŝ W Ŝ E Number of Species Number of Species 2. (a) [5 pts] Trophic transmission means that the parasite is transferred to its next host via predation – that is, the next host preys on the current host (on/in which the parasite is living). (b) [10 pts] Some parasites cause behavioral changes in their current host, such that the host is more likely to be eaten by its predator (the host for the next stage in the life-cycle of the parasite). [Not required! - Behavioral changes in the “prey” host include such things as moving out of shelters, moving into areas in which the predator is more likely to forage, or behaving in a manner that attracts the attention of predators (e.g. “flashing” in fishes).] 3. [10 pts] Why are the biota on North America, South America, and Australia so distantly related to one another?
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Prelim_2___key_with_grading_notes - BioEE 2610 Ecology and...

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