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Study guide 20th - group who is credited with the Frst written Jazz arrangements 17 Trading fours What is that 18 After WWII came what type of

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Study Guide for the 20th Century 1. What is the Second Viennese School? 2. In class three twelve-tone composers were discussed, who were they? 3. The Rite of Spring and Appalachian Spring have something in common, what is it? 4. The father of the twelve-tone system is? 5. Who were two of his disciples? 6. Atonality is? 7. The section of the orchestra that grew the most was? 8. Of the following who was an Expressionist Composer? a. Schoenberg b. Copland c. Schubert d. Williams 9. Can you name a work that is Expressionistic? 10. Who experimented with electronics and percussion ensembles? 11. What are the nationalities of the following composers? i. Copland j. Schoenberg k. Debussy l. Stravinisky m. Berg n. Webern 12. Jazz got its start in what American City? 13. The backbone of the rhythm in a jazz band is what? 14. What do jazz players do that classical players don ! t do so much of anymore? 15. A good Jazz player needs an excellent command of l. Harmony m. piano n. what else? 16.According to what we heard said in large
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Unformatted text preview: group, who is credited with the Frst written Jazz arrangements? 17. Trading fours? What is that? 18. After WWII came what type of popular music, (before rock) 19. Jazz with no preconcieved ideas on harmony, melody is called what. 20. Miles Davis is credited with what great record album q. Soft Parade r. White Album s. Bitches ! Brew t. Revolver 21. What did recordings and radio do for music in the 20th century? 22. Playing in two or more keys at once is called? 23. Chance music is? 24. Listen to the following for the audio part of the quiz. u. The Rite of Spring, by Stravinisky v. Appalachian Spring by Copland w. Poem Electronique by Varese x. Einstein on the Beach by Glass. 25. In the list below can you tell who is the Expressionist Composer, the Impressionist Composer. y. Bartok z. Schoeberg aa. Copland bb. Glass cc. Debussy dd. Ives. THIS LAST WEEK O± CLASS IS VERY IMPORTANT AS WE WILL COVER A LOT O± GROUND. SEE YOU THEN....
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