Questions for research paper critique

Questions for research paper critique - Go through the...

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WRTG 1150, section 057 Name: Allen Fosdick Reviewed by: Jacob Elyachar Please complete a written critique of your fellow students’ papers, typed copies To be handed both to the authors and to me. Respond to the following: Is the topic important and worth pursuing? The topic of Health Care in the United States is an important topic to research this topic. I think it is worth pursing. Paraphrase the thesis. Is it something that reasonable people might disagree about? (Thesis): The federal government has refused to give universal healthcare to its citizens, so a few brave states have decided to actions into their own hands. I think that there is something reasonable about arguing about the thesis (including Bush’s vetoes).
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Unformatted text preview: Go through the paper paragraph by paragraph, summarizing the main point of each paragraph in a sentence. Is every sentence in the paragraph relevant to the main point? Do you feel the paragraphs are in the best sequence possible to support the argument? Is the central argument convincing? Do you agree with it? Can you think of counter-arguments? Are you impressed with the level of research in this paper? Are there unanswered questions or other avenues the author might have explored? Is the paper well-written? Would you continue reading it beyond the first page or two if you didnt have to? Are the citations correct? How does your own paper stand up to this level of analysis? Give details....
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Questions for research paper critique - Go through the...

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