BCOR2400_HWIV - BCOR 2400 Fall 2008 Homework #4 Due:...

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BCOR 2400 Fall 2008 Homework #4 Due: Thursday, November 6, see time guidelines below Late papers will not be accepted–no exceptions You may write your solution to this assignment out by hand. All your work needs to be shown (step- by-step) and you should circle your answers. Also, your writing needs to be neat enough to be read, if the graders cannot read what you have turned in, they will automatically assign a grade of zero. If there is any doubt in your own mind about the neatness or size of your writing (some people write so small, it is hard to read), you should type your solution. Be sure to print your name at the top of your solution. In addition to your written solution, you should create either a Word or an Excel file that contains your answers to each of the questions, labeled by question number. This file, containing your answers, must be sent to the BCOR2400@colorado.edu email address by the deadlines noted below. For your answers, dollar figures should be reported to the nearest cent, percentages to two decimal places, units should be given as whole numbers. As you work, you should keep as many decimal places
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This note was uploaded on 12/11/2008 for the course BCOR 2400 taught by Professor Rexmoody during the Fall '08 term at Colorado.

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BCOR2400_HWIV - BCOR 2400 Fall 2008 Homework #4 Due:...

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