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CLAS 203 Final - Greek Myth Final The House of Atreus From...

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Greek Myth Final The House of Atreus From Tantalus to Atreus Mycenae/Argos Unrelated to Perseus line (went extinct with Eurystheus) Tantalus and son Pelops, banquet (missing shoulder) King Oenomaus of Pisa -Daughter Hippodamia: Pelops and Oenomaus in love with her -Chariot Race: Oenomaus has impossible challenge for suitors (swift horses, all others have failed), Pelops wants to try (with help from Poseidon) -Myrtilus: charioteer, Pelops bribes him into fixing the race, Oenomaus dies, all 3 flee but Pelops pushed Myrtilus into the sea -Curse on Pelops: dying man Pelops: King of Pisa - sons Atreus, Thyestes (twins), Pittheus and Chrysippus Death of Eurystheus and Choice of a New King Oracle: king should be son of Pelops Golden Lamb: Thyestes suggests whoever finds one will be king Aerope: wife of Atreus, knows about his fleece Thyestes wins Zeus: wanted Atreus to win, makes the son go in the wrong way Atreus’ revenge: cooks Thyestes sons Curse of Thyestes: Thyestes’ Revenge: Oracle at Sicyon: only son begotten on his own daughter will avenge him Pelopia: Thyestes’ long-lost daughter Rape and Sword Aegisthus: son by Pelopia and Thyestes (thinks Atreus is father) Atreus: search for Thyestes Delphi: Agamemnon and Menelaus (sons) Recognition of Thyestes by Aegisthus Death of Atreus Death of Pelopia (suicide) Flight of Agamemnon and Menelaus The Oresteia Trilogy (Aeschylus) Agamemnon and Clytemnestra Rule Argos Daughters Iphigenia and Electra, Son Orestes
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The Start of the Trojan War Abduction of Helen by Paris Mustering of Greek host at Aulis Angering of Artemis and the Sacrifice: Iphigenia Sailing of the Fleet The Agamemnon End of Trojan War: beacon sounded Rape of Cassandra: Ajax (son of Oileus) Nostos: return of a hero Argos: Clytemnestra ruling, doesn’t want husband back (sacrificed daughter) Aegisthus: lover of Clytemnestra Hybris Murder of Agamemnon and Cassandra The Libation Bearers o Orestes (son of Agamemnon) in exile (King Phocis, friend Pylades): told he must kill his mother to avenge his father o Clytemnestra’s Dream: snake bites her breast o Electra at the Shrine: sent to pour libations and honor her father, wants his avenged o Recognition Tokens: sees footprint and lock of hair (Orestes) o Vengeance: Orestes kills Clytemnestra and Aegisthus o Flee Argos from the Erinyes (to avoid madness) The Eumenides (Kindly Ones) o The Erinyes Pursuit o Delphi: Apollo puts Erinyes to sleep to help Apollo o Athens, Areopagus (hill of Ares) o Trial: Apollo, Erinyes, Athena (judge) o Arguments: diverse, interesting o Verdict: Athena aquits Orestes o Lifting of the Curse (from Myrtilus and Pelops) o Erinyes become the Eumenides (given grove of trees at Colonus) The Trojan War The Judgement of Paris o Wedding of Peleus and Thetis (Achilles)
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CLAS 203 Final - Greek Myth Final The House of Atreus From...

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