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CLAS 203 Quiz 2 - Greek Myth Quiz 2 Zeus(Juppiter Jupiter...

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Greek Myth Quiz 2 Zeus (Juppiter, Jupiter, Jove) “Cloud-gatherer”, “aegis-bearing” (skin of Amalthea) Born at Mt. Dicte, shrines at Mt. Ida (1 in Crete, 1 in Troy) Symbols: thunderbolt, eagle, scepter Sacred animal: bull (100 = hecatone) Ruler: wisdom, strength, justice Zeus Xenios: guest-host relationship Shrines: oak tree at Dodona, golden statue at Olympia Germanic: Tiu (Tuesday), Indic: Dyaus Pitar (father sky) Zeus’s Immortal Consorts: Hera: Ares, Haphaestus, Eiliethyia Demeter: Persephone Leto: Apollo, Artemis Themis: Moirae (fates), Horae (seasons) Dione: Aphrodite Mnemosyne: Muses Eurynome: Graces Maia (nymph): Hermes Zeus’s Mortal Consorts: Semele: Dionysus Io: Epaphus ( Hera’s attendant, raped by Zeus while sleeping under a tree. Zeus changes her into a cow because Hera is coming. Hera has Argus watch her, who is slain by Hermes. Io is then chased around by flies and eventually turns back in Egypt) Europa: Minos, Rhadamanthys, Sarpedon Danae: Perseus Leda: Dioscuri, Castor, Polydeuces, Helen Alcmena: Heracles Trojan prince Ganymeda: his lover Haphaestus (Vulcan, Volcanus): Non-Greek origin Associated with the island of Lemnos Patron of metalworkers, smiths (god of the forge and fire) Promoter of civilization and city life Married to Aphrodite (contrast) Lusted after Athena (birth of Erichthonius from his semen) Made: Pandora, manacles binding Prometheus, ball of unbreakable thread (Thrown from Olympus as a baby, rescued by Thetis and the Nereids (return to Olympus) Binds Hera with Golden Throne: Ares tries to bring him back (lava), Dionysus actually manages to (gets him drunk) Ares (Mars):
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Incarnation of blood lust: merciless and fearless Most hated god Origins in Thrace Children by Aphrodite: Eros (2 nd geneology) and Harmonia Ares and Aphrodite Mars very important to Romans (war) Hermes (Mercury): Child of Maia and Zeus Herma: stone heap maker Herald and messenger of the gods Protector of: travelers, those living in the wilderness (Arcadia), shepherds and flocks, merchants and thieves, heralds Psychompompos: soul guide to Hades Argciphontes: slayer of Argus (Io) Divine trickster Symbols: petasus (winged hat), caduceus (snake wand), winged sandals Similar to Apollo Offspring: Pan, Hermaphroditus (Aphrodite) Homeric Hymn: Apollo’s flock at Pieria, Alphaeus river Pan Not human (hooves and legs of a goat, pointed tail, horns) Woodland deity in Arcadia Scared shepherds, lustful Lusted after Syrinx: she was repulsed by him and ran away. When he was going to catch her, Syrinx changed into a reed. Pan slashed down the reeds and made the pan pipes or syrinx Hermaphroditus Human woodland boy (handsome) The nymph Salmacis falls in love with him: he isn’t interested and Salmacis hugs him and prays that they stay together. They really stay together.
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