CLAS 203 Quiz 3

CLAS 203 Quiz 3 - Greek Myth Quiz 3 The Perseus Saga Belus and Agenor = hostile twins Belus sons Danaus(King of Libya with 50 daughters and

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Greek Myth Quiz 3 The Perseus Saga Belus and Agenor = hostile twins Belus’ sons Danaus (King of Libya with 50 daughters) and Aegyptus (King of Egypt  with 50 sons): also hostile twins Flight of Danaus (to escape nephews marrying his daughters) to Argos  (where Poseidon has dried up the rivers) with his daughters (Athena helps) Daughter Amymone (while sent for food/water): disturbs a sleeping satyr who tries to rape her, Poseidon scares satyr away but rapes her himself Springs of Lerna : Poseidon pulling him trident from a rock Danaus becomes king of Argos and is the eponymous ancestor of the Danaans Pursuit and Marriage Aegyptus comes to Argos and the 50 daughters and 50 sons are married (murdered on Danaus’ command, heads thrown into the Swamps of Lerna) 49 daughters become prizes for athletic games Daughter Hypermnestra and Lynceus live happily ever after (after Danaus dies) and rule Argos: son Abas Abas: hostile twin boys Acrisius and Proetus Acrisius: remains in Argos, has daughter Danae , oracle prophecies that his grandson will kill him (locks Danae up in a bronze chamber) Proetus: becomes king of Tiryns (with Cyclopean walls) The Birth of Perseus Zeus impregnates Danae as a shower of gold “The Girl’s Tragedy”: -Prohibition: Danae cannot have a son -Seclusion: bronze chamber -Violation of prohibition: has Perseus -Threat of death: father Acrisius locks them in a chest and throws it in the sea -Liberation: rescued by Dictys (fisherman, brother of King Polydectes ) on island Seriphos The Quest Threat to member of family: -King Polydectes want Danae (Perseus in the way) -Polydectes demands a horse from every man as a wedding gift
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-Perseus offers to bring the Gorgon Medusa’s head (1 mortal of 3 Gorgons) Hero sent on quest -Athena and Hermes help -Athena sends him to the Graeae (old women who share 1 eye and 1 tooth) who tell him where the nymphs are (he takes eye and tooth to get the information) Magical aids (from nymphs) 1. Cap of Darkness: from Hades for invisibility 2. Winged Sandals 3. Kibisis : leather pouch for the head 4. Scimitar : curved sword from Hermes Finds Gorgon in Hyperborea (far north): passes petrified bodies on the way, uses the reflection in his shield to kill Medusa (blood on the sand produces vipers, scorpions, etc.) Usual sequence -Combat with villain -Temporary setback (missing here) -Vanquishing of enemy -Pursuit and escape -Arrival home (Seriphos): simple/complex return -Recognition -Punishment of Villain Simple return: returns home to find Polydectes about to rape Danae, shows him Medusa’s head (he turns to stone) and Danae marries Dictys Complex Return Flies to Ethiopia (ruled by Cepheus and Cassiopeia ) Daughter Andromeda (whom Cassiopeia boasts is more beautiful than the Nereids ) Nereids complain: Poseidon floods the city and sends a monster Oracle: Andromeda must be sacrificed to save the city Perseus loves Andromeda, offers to kill the monster for her hand (
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CLAS 203 Quiz 3 - Greek Myth Quiz 3 The Perseus Saga Belus and Agenor = hostile twins Belus sons Danaus(King of Libya with 50 daughters and

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