Patterson Chapter 9

Patterson Chapter 9 - `=Patterson Chapter 9 Pluralist...

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`=Patterson Chapter 9 Pluralist Theory=Group Action Single-issue politics- separate groups are organized around nearly every conceivable policy issue, with each group pressing its demands to the utmost. Interest Group- A set of individuals who are organized to promote a shared political interest. (Has two characteristics: an organized membership and the pursuit of policy goals that stem from its members’ shared interest) Although nearly all interests in American society are organized to some degree, those associated with economic activity, particularly business enterprises are by far the most thoroughly organized Their advantage rests on their superior financial resources and on the fact that they offer potential members private goods, (such as wages and jobs.) Groups that do not have economic activity as their primary function often have organizational problems. These groups pursue public or collective goods (such as a safer environment) that are available even to individuals who are not group members, so individuals may choose not to pay the costs of membership. Lobbying and electioneering are the traditional means by which groups communicate with and influence political leaders . Recent developments including grassroots lobbying and PACs, have heightened interest groups’ influence. The interest-group system over-represents business interests and higher income groups and fosters policies that serve a group’s interest more than the public interest. Thus although groups are an essential part of the policy process, they also distort that process.
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Patterson Chapter 9 - `=Patterson Chapter 9 Pluralist...

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