Patterson Chapter 12

Patterson Chapter 12 - Patterson Chapter 12 The Presidents...

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Patterson Chapter 12 The President’s power depends on the President’s ability but even more so upon circumstances Public expectations, national crises, and changing national and world conditions have required the presidency to become a strong office. Underlying this development is the public support the president acquires from being the only nationally elected official. The modern presidential election campaign is a marathon affair in which self-selected candidates must plan for a strong start in the nominating contests and center their general-election strategies on media, issues, and a baseline of support. The lengthy campaign process heightens the public’s sense that the presidency is at the center of the US political system The modern presidency could not operate without a large staff of assistants, experts, and high-level managers, but the sheer size of this staff makes it impossible for the president to exercise complete control over it. The president’s election by national vote and position as sole chief executive ensure that others will listen to the president’s ideas; but to lead effectively, the president must have the help of other officials and, to get their help, must respond to their interests as the respond to the president’s. Presidential influence on national policy is highly variable. Whether presidents succeed or fail in getting their policies enacted depends heavily on the force of circumstance, the stage of their presidency, partisan support in Congress, and the foreign or domestic nature of the policy issue. The writers of the Constitution wanted from the president: national leadership, statesmanship in foreign affairs, command in time of war or insurgency, and enforcement of the laws Framers anticipated that Congress would define the nation’s foreign policy objectives,
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Patterson Chapter 12 - Patterson Chapter 12 The Presidents...

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