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Patterson Chapter 17

Patterson Chapter 17 - Patterson Chapter 17 Since WWII the...

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Patterson Chapter 17 Since WWII, the US has acted in the role of world leader, which has substantially affected its military, diplomatic, and economic policies. The US maintains a high degree of defense preparedness, which mandates a substantial level of spending and a worldwide deployment of US conventional and strategic forces. Changes in the international marketplace have led to increased economic interdependence among nations, which has had a marked influence on the US economy and on America’s security planning. Isolationist- country that deliberately avoids a large role in word affairs, this was the US before World War II Internationalist (country)- deeply involved in the affairs of other nations Lesson of Munich- the idea that appeasement only encourages further aggression (this became the dominant view of US policymakers in the postwar period. Containment (doctrine of)- based on the idea that the Soviet Union was an aggressor nation that had to be stopped from achieving its global ambitions Cold War- No combat, but the US and USSR were locked in a deep-seated hostility that lasted forty-five years. Bipolar- The structure of international power was considered bipolar : the US against the USSR. Each side was supreme in its sphere and was blocked from expanding its influence by the power of the other. Times the US supported against Soviet Aggression- 1949 China falls to Soviet supported Mao Zedong, 1950 Soviet-backed North Koreans invade South Korea, Truman sends troops, ends in stalemate and 35000 dead American soldiers. 1960s Vietnam gradual and
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