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chapter 2 outline

chapter 2 outline - Chapter 2 Your Online Persona...

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Chapter 2: Your Online Persona: Impression Formation I. Warm and Cold Impressions People tend to leap to conclusions quickly and with few cues Warm and Cold when used as descriptions are heavily weighted when forming a first impression II. The Chilly Internet Cues used to perceive warmth are usually facial When subjects given a task, more disagreement among CMC subjects When subjects asked to rate others briefly encountered FtF or CMC, those who encountered in CMC rated partners as more analytical thinking, less feeling III. The Socioemotional Thaw Posts are becoming more socioemotional, less solidarity Emoticons IV. Impression Formation Shortcuts Cognitive miser: interest in conserving energy and reducing cognitive load It would be too time-consuming to gather extensive information about everyone, so we overuse certain cues that serve as rules of thumb o Domain names in email addresses V. Person Types and Categories Age and gender VI. Beyond Age and Gender
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