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Study Guide2

Study Guide2 - d House UnAmerican Activities Committee...

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Study Guide for Exam #2 (November 12) Material from October 10 to November 9 1. Pages 689-734 a. A Doll House b. The Rise of Realism c. Henrik Ibsen 2. Lectures of “Elements of the Modern Stage” 3. Changing Stages: America and classroom discussions a. Eugene O’Neill b. Federal Theatre Project c. Arthur Miller
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Unformatted text preview: d. House UnAmerican Activities Committee Meetings e. Clifford Odets f. Tennessee Williams 4. Death of a Salesman pages 1126-1167 5. Bertolt Brecht pages 998-999 and classroom discussions/films 6. Theatre of the Absurd page 1206-1207 and classroom discussions/films...
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