STUDY GUIDE3 - STUDY GUDIE#3 CUBA Fell with the collapse of...

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STUDY GUDIE #3 CUBA - Fell with the collapse of the soviet union (bad economy) - Founded by Columbus - Havana: capital; harbor o Entrepot: all goods coming form Spain o Fleet System: Large impact on Growth - Most arable lands in region - Sugar production started after Haitian revolution in 1791 o Slave rebellion: result of French revolution French brought supplies/ideas over to Cuba - Sugar mills increased in Cuba; increase in technology o More slaves needed to field plantations Fear of brining in so many slaves; rebel? - US wanted to buy Cuba o Beneficial location; US consumes mass sugar; south wanted to keep slavery - Slavery begins to come at a higher price HAVANNA - Founded in 1519 - Cuba divided into 14 provinces, 169 municipalities - Republic established May 20, 1902 - 3 civil wars in Cuba o US placed in Cuba; military occupied o Plad Amendment: Cuba signed; no conflict allowed - Sugar production owned by US o Sugar only means of production; prices fluctuate Cuba becomes bankrupt - High class living; outside people living in huts - Free education from primary to university level - Free medical care - Social security for all after people retired - 70-80% of land used for farming - Fidel Castro; revolution triumphs o Doctors to Venezuela for oil o Money sent to countryside (no more sugar since 2002) o Tourism main $$ - Special Period in a Time of Peace o Less petroleum; no dietary intake; US dollar legalized; self-employment; public transportation o Economy crashes
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- Peak Oil: oil reaches maximum and cannot reach height again o Most oil used for food; cars; houses o Blackouts throughout country o Development of urban gardening : permiculture Farmers become highest paid workers o Small farms: no taxes o Universities close to home o Solar panels/hydrosystems (crop waste used to create energy) - Self Employment: state industry not making same amount - Havanna neglected, 1993: money sent to redevelop parts of city
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STUDY GUIDE3 - STUDY GUDIE#3 CUBA Fell with the collapse of...

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