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STUDY GUIDEdrama - STUDY GUIDE The Poetics o o o o o o o...

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STUDY GUIDE The Poetics o Aristotle o Describing poetry o Different forms of other dramas Mimesis o Imitation of an action Drama vs Ritual o Many people that drama was created from ritual. o Rituals repeated Theatres and their effect o Arena style Intimate with actors, could come close Good acoustics Gave community a sense of order o Medieval Theatre Mansions inside and outside church Wagons wheeled onto streets, cycles o Elizabethan playhouse o Enclosed space, open courtyard o Groundlings around stage Proscenium stage o Distanced audience from play o Where performers acted scenes Genres of Drama o Tragedy Hero/heroine should be of noble birth, have fall One plot, single action, one day o Comedy Pokes fun at individuals with power May make laugh at expense of others o Tragicomedy Mix between tragedy and comedy Serious play, has comedic moments Elements of Drama o Plot Action of a drama Understand elements of drama in relation to one another
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